Winter is coming to an end, the trains are stinking again and the first thighs are showing shyly under our shorts, ushering in the season that takes us furthest from our beloved snow. 
After having abused your board all winter long and knowing that you are very lazy when it comes to care and maintenance, here is a short list of things to do before retiring your boards, waiting for the white mantle to cover the mountain tops one more time. 

Riders who doesn't care about mainteinance


Too bad you can't also do the same with your conscience, you will remain a sinner this summer but your board will be nice and clean and ready to show off its livery next winter. It may be a good idea to disassemble the bindings for this operation; you will find that a considerable amount of dirt will have collected underneath them and this may have oxidised the bushes. A good clean with a damp cloth will be the right move, while if the bindings are heavily oxidised, a small spray of *some kind of product like wd40* and a wipe inside with a cotton bud will be enough to restore perfect functionality and aesthetics. 


As a second operation, a good visit to any qualified skiman is necessary. He will restore the base to flatness by filling in scratches and holes that your careless behaviour has produced, waxe the base by protecting it against the summer heat and restore the edges to perfect condition so that you are not unprepared for the first snow. If you are a do-it-yourselfer even when you are not talking about pleasure in the strict sense of the word, a good habit could be to not scrape the wax at the end of the homemade waxing process before storing it.

Well, now you know how to take care of your snowboard. See you next time!